Silicon Valley is insular! And that matters. To create impact tech investors must develop a first hand understanding of the challenges facing our country and the world at large.

The roadshow program is designed to take investors out of Silicon Valley, connect with communities in their locals, create meaningful impact conversations, facilitate funding for impact tech founders, educate, and empower. 

We rely on partners to uncover local promising talent, and to offer insights on the local community needs. We host learning sessions designed to solicit partner insights prior to and during the roadshow. 

We plan to meet tech founders through the support of local partners who align on our vision and engage local investors interested in funding and fueling our mission. Each stop will have a unique program tailored to the local community needs, and will be driven by the insights we gain with local partners.

Roadshow Timetable

Washington DCOctober 2022
Falls Church, VANovember 2022
Baltimore, MDNovember 2022
New York, NYNovember 2022
Chicago, ILMay 2023
Greensboro, NCOctober 2023
Atlanta, GATBD
Houston, TXTBD
Cleveland, OHTBD
Detroit, MITBD
Last updated Sep 12 2023