Impact a billion is a collaborative journey to identify and nurture 1000 tech founders who would each impact a billion and make a billion.

Why now?

We have a social responsibility to seek overlooked tech founders from communities across the United States and enable them to thrive and impact their communities and a billion others around the world.

To do that effectively, we reach those communities through a roadshow. We establish a dialogue to understand the most critical social and climate challenges needs. We uncover promising impact tech founders to invest in and nurture. We partner with impact investors and community partners to amplify our mission.

Technology plays a crucial role in transforming society, policy, and economics and in impacting the environment. We see a critical role for mindful early stage investors in guiding tech founders on their journey and encouraging a focus on a triple bottom line (people, planet, profit).  During the roadshow we offer insights from our experience and partner with the community to collectively guide tech founders we invest in on the journey to impact a billion and make a billion.

Making money is easy! Having an impact requires a strategy, a community and an audacious goal rooted in values and a plan carried out by those who lived the pain and can see a better future enabled by technology.

Who’s behind this?

We are a community of likeminded impact technology founders, impact investors, and organizations with a mission to address climate and social challenges. This is a platform to share progress, connect around impact and grow our community.

The idea was incubated by Rama Chakaki and Raed Masri in 2022. To date we are joined by 15 organizations and 1678 individuals. Join a growing community of impact investors, tech founders and ecosystem partners

What we’re doing..

A roadshow designed to create meaningful conversations, facilitate funding, educate, and empower.  We look to partners to uncover local promising talent, and to offer insights on the local community needs. We host learning sessions designed to solicit partner insights prior to and during the roadshow. 

We meet tech founders through the support of local partners who align on our vision and engage local investors interested in funding and fueling our mission. Each stop will have a unique program tailored to the local community needs, and will be driven by the insights we gain with local partners.

A content site featuring stories of impact founders, investors and community members who are the force behind the movement.

Let’s collaborate

We are building a community and invite you to join:

  • Partners – Community service organizations, event spaces, event Promoters, relevant nonprofits
  • Affiliates – Incubators, accelerators, VCs, angel investors, universities, entrepreneur enabling private sector
  • Participants – Tech founders, mentors, advisors, volunteers, media, public relationship, investor