5 takeaways from a GWU roundtable on investing in impact tech

It was fantastic being on campus, remembering friends, moments and looking for my graduation brick! 

Thanks to Erica Cusi Wortham who helped us arrange a meeting with Dean John Lach, followed by a group meeting with 12 members of the GWU School of engineering and applied science, entrepreneurship center, innovation, tech commercialization office, political journalism and others interested in the startup tech and impact ecosystems. 


  1. SEAS is on a mission to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration. Perfectly aligned with our mission to impact a billion.
  2. GWU is among the top 25 schools responsible for unicorns.
  3. The entrepreneurship and innovation teams are eager to collaborate on sourcing and selecting startups.
  4. GWU’s teams will help us review and refine our metrics to improve alignment with local social and climate strategies.
  5. GWU’s team invited us and members of our community to mentor, speak and judge at their startup competitions, improving the continuum between education and the workplace.

We grew our impact a billion family and are excited for this collaboration. My gratitude goes to Professor Shelly Heller, who’s been a life-long mentor as a woman in engineering, who modeled a work life balance and encouraged me to look beyond the numbers and see the impact engineering can have on art, education and every other aspect of life.

Impact a billion is an initiative to fund and nurture 1000 impactful tech founders who are on a mission to impact a billion and make a billion. The impact a billion roadshow kicked off in DC and will cover 12 cities across the US. The aim is to identify partners, founders, investors and community members who will sign up to our mission and join us in the impact a billion mission.

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